Absolutely. If your order isn't totaling up the way you think it should at checkout, then please let me know and I will check the invoice for you. Most of my shipping is based on flat rate shipping, which includes handling. Original Art Products are not included in this combination offer. They are print on demand and are calculated separately by the printing company. Please see the Original Art Products FAQ for further information.
On the original art products, most of my items are print on demand and they will be shipped to you from the printing company. I have calculated flat rate shipping on those items and since I have no control over the shipping, I cannot combine shipping.
1 - All counted cross stitch pattern files will be emailed to you as soon as I can after the sale. I try to get them emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours. If you do not have it by then, please ask me; I may not have gotten the sale email that alerts me to a sale. 2 - You will need to print them out to use them or use your tablet reader. They print best at about 115% of normal. This is the setting I use when I print the pages out. If they are printing too small, you need to adjust your printer. Try a test page before printing the entire pattern. Ask me if you have any questions. 3 - I try to include a color pattern and a black and white pattern, so you can decide which one you want to use. 4 - You need adobe pdf reader or any generic pdf reader in order to read the patterns. A pdf reader is free software. 5 - I create all of my patterns using professional software. I use my own patterns, so I am fully aware of how they work and what they consist of, so ask me if you have a questions. 6 - My patterns are FULL page patterns that are designed with a background fill. I design edge to edge even when my image is in the middle of the pattern. You can skip that by doing a true counted cross stitch pattern and folding your cloth and stitching in the center out. The patterns have a center mark. 7 - I do not print and mail patterns since I do not charge shipping on the patterns. 8 - Please feel free to ask any questions that I might have missed. Happy stitching. Julie